These Decans are taken from Astrological decanates by C.C.Zain. The Brotherhood of Light. They have been  edited with some additions.


The Autumn Equinox

is the start of the Druid year, when day and night are equal. The harvest festival, when the power of heaven is infused into the fruits of the earth, and you reap what you have sowed. You see the full reality, what you made of your dreams, projects and plans, the actual reality, the truth that gives understanding and wisdom. The start of the academic year, of inner work, of assimilation and unbiased reflection that will later be the proper basis for the choosing and sowing of seeds. The auto-tombing process of autumn, judgement day, Libra, sign of balance, cardinal air.

Third decanate of Virgo Corona Borealis.

A crown of twelve iron spikes (twelve astrological signs from Virgo to Virgo) in front of which a serpent threatens to strike.

The urge to serve before petty self interest, work on behalf of others, the greatest possibilities lie in the realm of service; can only live to the utmost when they lose themselves in work for the cause;  learn to leave behind the things that are not needed and take only food for the journey and the seeds that support the growth of the soul.


1st decanate of Libra


A serpent about to strike, indicates creative energy and also cunning. Wise and subtle. innate ability to handle people and situations. Should curb the urge for material status. should not take the credit  for that which is given freely,  Happiest when being sociable and mixing with a diverse group of people. Supports the righteous distribution of the harvest to the people.


Autumn Equinox

Astrological decanates before

and after the Autumn Equinox

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