October 31st/November 1st

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© 2020 The Druid Order an druidh uileach braithreachas


© 2020 The Druid Order an druidh uileach braithreachas


We are holding a series of Public Meetings at Rudolf Steiner House


2nd November, 16th November,

30th November, 14th December

Cost: £5

Time: 6.45pm-9pm

Address: 35 Park Rd, London NW1 6XT, Nearest Tube Station: Baker Street

An informal meeting for members and anyone who is interested in finding out about the Druid Order. The meeting will begin with a meditation, followed by a talk  and discussion, centered on a subject for the evening.

Public Meetings

Thinning of the veil between the living and the dead, the visible and invisible worlds. Death of the external, the horror of rotting and decay. The popular version is seen in the monster masks of Hallowe’en, the black and the orange, the shrieky, squeaky ghosts and ghouls. All Souls Day, bonfire night, fireworks. Acknowledgment of the dark side. Acceptance and release. Letting the past leave. Old habits unwilling to die - look them in the eye, descent into hell, death and darkness, the underworld without which there is no spring resurgence. Decaying and dying to give space for renewal, recycling. Scorpio, fixed water.

If winter did not come there could be no pathway for spring. The sunset brings darkness over the land, yet the Sun must go down, or how could the world sleep, and the Sun rise again.

Time destroys and it also renews everything continually. It remains unaltered, unassailable, the creator, preserver and destroyer.  

Within our bodies is an unseen seed that is unconscious of change or decadence and needs to return to the source of its existence. This seed  is born from the present and returns to the present. Coming from darkness it returns to darkness.

Nature is not everything, NOW comes from outside of nature, unseen, unheard. Nature is seen, and manifests every colour and sound. NOW appears in the material world through the four elements of fire, water, air and earth, or the womb of the Universe that gives birth to all forms.

At Samhain we celebrate the life, the year or the moment of the hero, who completed the circle between their intention and the results of their endeavours. We honour their struggle with their own habits, to achieve through experience the ability to act, feel, think, love, know and to serve.

We leave behind the selfish motives that we used to profit from nature and from others.

We leave behind the need to have friends whom we use to make us feel good about ourselves and also our enemies who represent those things we cannot accept about ourselves. We do not need to blame, ridicule and make fun of someone else to make ourselves feel better. On an emotional, mental and spiritual level we use others for our own benefit. We have built a social system based on self interest and self protection.

We have created the scary fun of Halloween in an attempt to belittle our fear and guilt about not taking responsibility for the world of unfairness we have created.

Samhain is about drawing a line on the past and calling it dead. It is the struggle to attain the results that is important, not the result itself. Seeking excessive profit, Power over others, not sharing, holding back diversity and transparency are all motives that drive unhappiness, disease and poverty.

We could choose to do that which benefits the whole space, support diversity, control  the desires of our own mind and strive to become better human beings for ourselves and everyone else. Then we will not be chased by the scary monsters of our own guilt, we will be hallowed into the Universal chamber of transformation (womb). This allows us to be renewed by the process of sleep or winter.

The Triad of Creator, Preserver and Destroyer is also the Soul, the mind and the body. This is the basis of most so called fantasy stories.

In the mythical story of King Arthur (the Soul) he married Queen Guinevere (Life). The mind/personality occupies the space in between as the interpreter of source (Soul) into form (life). Guinevere (life) has an affair with Mordred (darkness) The forces of Darkness defeat the Light at the battle of Camelot. Arthur, the light of the Soul, loses his connection to the round table or the wheel of life. The personality is left to struggle on as an extension of the past tense. The personality needs to serve the Soul, until then the round table will remain broken.

According to the Armenian book 'The Penitence of Adam', Adam had three son's Cain (brute force) and Abel (intelligence). Cain and Abel slew each other leaving the third son Seth who was given three seeds (future, present and past) Seth replaced Abel and had to struggle blindly on motivated by hope.

In the Christian new testament story the Roman governor asks the people to choose who is to be freed from prison, Barabbas (The personality) or Jesus (The Soul). The people chose Barabbas.

In a more modern story called Lord of the Rings (circles), the ring made by the dark magician Sauron (Samhain) holds the corrupted past of the world. An innocent young boy is chosen to carry the ring back to the fire to complete the circle. He is accompanied by a deformed ugly being called Gollem who represents the corrupted personality. The army of darkness called the Orcs are the living dead or uncompleted habits stuck in the past tense, blocking your way yet seeking completion.

These are the monsters that seek to get us at Halloween, masquerading as the uncompleted past tense pretending to be the present.

Halloween or Samhain is the disintegration of thought forms allowing the Soul to continue its journey. Burn your grudges, resentments, blame, justifications, excuses and guilt on a fire.

Samhain (Halloween)

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