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Autumn equinox


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Before us is the fruit or the results of our endeavours in life, the essence of the Greater Love and nourishment that is sent to us from the Heaven of our Desires, the fruit of the tree and the produce of the field; the Bread that is Baked in Spirit, and the Flour that has been Milled in Love.

Unfortunately the produce and the results of our endeavours are generally not milled in love, nor shared in gratitude with everyone in the whole space

A deep sense of guilt is our response to life and this drives our many conflicts. We want someone to save us from our uncontrollable desire for material wealth and comfort at the expense of those we have used to get there. We bury the feelings that we are not the good human beings we would like to think we are.

We can seek to blame others for our own failings or we can be seen to help those we have selfishly used on our climb to the top by supporting charitable and worthy causes. These causes always stop short of changing the status quo of society, because we fear losing our hard fought position in that society.

We have placed money and material comfort  on the top of the mountain and what we produce is built to

a price for a profit with inbuilt obsolescence.

Mental farming now includes managing customers and encouraging their continued desire to purchase new products. The labour force will be paid as little as possible. These material possessions are now the  measure our status in the world.

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