The Winter Solstice (December 21/22) is the longest night and the shortest day. Three days later, the rising sun can be seen to move northwards again from its most southerly rising point in the south-east. This is Christmas, when the Christ child is born from the Virgin Mother and the light returns. This sacred point of new beginnings in the heart of darkness is now often overwhelmed by the commercial festival and cult of the Christmas present, where the gift of the present tense, with all its virginal potential, is manifested and celebrated purely as material gifts. A time of going back home, the return from whence you came, to the origin itself, the reunion with the family that gave you birth, a time of sharing the present while remembering and honouring the past (old year) and preparing for the future (new year). Yule, child, seed or atom wrapped in its swaddling clothes. Capricorn, cardinal earth.

Winter Solstice

leading to the  Festival of Faollteach



Before midnight on Winter Solstice write down on paper all of the grudges you have about other people, all of the events you are resentful about, and then burn them on a fire. This represents those past uncompleted events that could become barriers in the new year.

In the new year sit down and visualise yourself in the centre of your environment, family, work etc. Taking one context at a time, ask what would you do to make the space work in a better way. Make your own mind up without listening to any external advice or internal voices in your head from past authority figures. Then   based on your vision of what the whole space needs, put it into action.

It is not what do you need to get, it is what can you contribute to the whole.

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