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© 2020 The Druid Order an druidh uileach braithreachas

© 2020 The Druid Order an druidh uileach braithreachas

A series of public meetings

Venue: Rudolf Steiner House,

The Conference room,

35 Park Road, London NW1 6XT.

Date:  18th April, 2nd May,

16th of May, 30th May, 13th June.

Cost: £5

Time: 6.45pm-9pm

Nearest Tube Station: Baker Street

An informal meeting for anyone who is interested in finding out about the Druid Order. The meeting will begin with a meditation, followed by a series of talks. These will draw attention to the corrospon- dences between the agricultural cycle on earth and the zodiacal star constellations in the heavens. Both present a special order of development and unfoldment of consciousness.

Spring equinox

Mother’s day is at the heart of the Spring Equinox. The life and abundance that we are about to receive comes from universal motherly love, and is given for free. This love assists in our growing up towards a state of maturity, not just materially but also as an aid to understanding more about who we are and where we are going.

The symbolical story of King Arthur and the Round table is about us. Arthur is a symbol for the Soul that is centred in the heart of the present tense. Queen Guinevere represents the well spring of all life, and the Round table. The Queen has affairs with the externally stimulated personality. This leads to the Soul being challenged by Mordred, the power of darkness. Mordred is a symbol for the personality, born out of the storied memories of the brain. Eventually the personality denies the existence of the Soul leaving itself to blindly fend for itself. Spring is the promised return of the light and the life.

A womb gives birth to life. The soil that we stand on is a womb, the night sky is a womb that gives birth to stars and planets. It gives birth to the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms. Our brain is a womb that gives birth to words. Winter and sleep is a womb. The present tense is the foundation of life that gives birth to the past and future. The present tense is the source spring of everything that exists. So mother’s day is not just for the obvious woman in your life. It is also about our relationship with the mother of all life.

There is no evidence other than personal experience for the existence of the present moment, yet without it the past and future could not exist.

Incomplete or untrue interpretations of our past experiences will act as a barrier to the present tense. Sleep is a womb that demands that we give up our relationship with our daytime life, we must become nothing to enter sleep. Equally rising up in the morning to go to work requires that we give up the process of sleep to enter the world of action.

If we think that the thoughts and feelings of our personality belong to us, then we will in turn become possessed by those thoughts and feelings. We will be stuck in the past dominated by our unconscious habits. We will be like puppets manipulated by unseen strings. There will be no entrance into the womb of change for us, no letting go of past thoughts and feelings. We have made ourselves into past tense driven machines.

The present tense is the mother of all time periods, colour, sound, number, and chemical combinations, and so on into infinity..........

The past and future is always changing and uncertain. The present tense is change itself giving birth to certainty. It alone has the power to give life. No external person, company, religion, government or experts can empower you with the force that leads to an abundance of understanding and real health.

In the process of procreation the sperm, seed or spark has to give up everything they own in return for resurrection to a new life. Whether we like it or not our understanding will be grown to maturity by the action of living. We can either volunteer to respond appropriately or be dragged kicking and screaming towards a state of freedom that supports the Soul.

The roots of pride, sourced from the past tense will make us easy to control and upset. In response we may feel the need to defend and attack others who upset us.

There are some activities that will cut us off from the present tense. Our desire for material status must not involve taking advantage of others to their detriment. Resist the tendency to divide your life up into friends and enemies. Everyone in your space needs to be equally included as part of the whole.

Corruption must never be an option. Become less self indulgent, avoiding persistent ambitions for power over others. Ambition only works if it includes the welfare of all living things. Replace impatience with patience. Being discontented is a response to not getting what we want. Making excuses to justify our actions or looking for scapegoats, is just defend and attack disguised as something else. Be careful not to be distracted by false endeavours.

We may think we are calling for peace, but is that really what we want? Do we mean other people should not disturb or upset us? Do we think that we should be able to come and go wherever and whenever we choose, without any obstruction or hindrance? Do we think that the external world should conform to our wish or will?

Instead seek internal freedom in thought, feeling and action. Free the personality from the selfish life and seek to serve the unseen soul in the present tense. It alone is the source of power.

Universal Mother’s day celebrates the motherly love that is delivered to all life. As with all seeds the end is in the beginning, the potential is unfolded from within. This only happens through the present tense or the mother of all living things.