The Sun

If you would visualise your life as the passage of the Sun through the sky then you would find the harmony that you seek.

When the Sun rises in the morning there is no limit set for its radiance and no boundary set for its passage. Be then like the Sun which shines on the just and the unjust, for who shall say which is which, and who having wisdom would try to discriminate, for the Sun has no need to give to one only, for it is everlasting and its power infinite.

Thomas Maughan

The Druid Order

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© 2016 The Druid Order an druidh uileach braithreachas


Winter solstice to Imbolc

   or completion to new resolutions

Out of the nothingness of winter's womb we can create having no obligations to the past and to the future.

In order to achieve this we will have given up all of our past sourced resentments and grudges against specific people and groups of people, real or imagined. We can now make a choice that is free from the past as a basis

for the actions we want to project out into the future. All choices must be free from past resentment otherwise

they are not a free choice. It will be a past tense choice based on a mostly hidden agenda driven by imagined expectations of what we think should have happened to us in the past. New year resolutions need to be viewed

as what can I give rather than what can I receive.

Sit in a chair, close your eyes and ask a question about what can you give, without listening to any advice from parental figures, experts or voices in your head. Do not listen to what you should or must do, decide for yourself.

For example close your eyes and imagine that you are in the middle of your workplace. View your workplace from

the darkness of your mind and ask what does it need to make it work in a better way? The answer will indicate what your contribution could be. This vision can then be turned into an action or going out and meeting the need.

This Question can also be asked from the middle of a family, a group, the planet and your own life relative to

the health of your body and various relationships and so on. What can I do to make them work in a better way?

Whatever you see becomes the basis of what you can produce in the coming year. It can be your job at hand.

You are the one who perceived the inspiration therefore you have within you the ability to achieve it. You cannot imagine an activity that is not a part of you, so everything you need to achieve it is also part of you. You can only imagine that which is dormant within yourself, so bring it out into the open and manifest it. The art of listening only begins to work when you can become nobody when you receive the words of another, then the spoken words that you give in return will be appropriate. The answer is always in the question and the plant is always in the seed, so

practise asking questions.