Ursa Major and Canis Minor are taken from Astrological decanates by C.C.Zain. The Brotherhood of Light.


Third decanate.

(before Summer Solstice)

Ursa Major: A huge bear travelling about the pole but does not touch the pole star indicates the power of the objective, scientific mind- and its limitation. Too much cold reason, should cultivate idealism and religion to avoid crystallisation into selfcentredness. Has the capacity to accomplish great things through the mind. Danger is ruthless calculation. Reason.


First decanate

(after Summer Solstice)

Canis Minor: the little yapping treacherous cur. Susceptible to domestic intrigue. Strong emotions, easily carried away by them. should cultivate faithfulness and poise, positiveness, firmness. Capable of dramatic and poetic expression. Unconsciously mediumistic and can be influenced and may betray trust by yielding to the strongest prevalent influence. Moods

June 20/21 The longest day and shortest night,

symbolic rising of the golden dawn,

not a group or a myth, not a hope or

a dream, but the real flooding and receiving of the light of conscious awareness within. Time of greater growth and the drawing down of the light. At high noon symbolically the time of no shadow, where nothing

is hidden and everything is out in

the open. The axis of Stonehenge is aligned to the Summer Solstice sunrise in the north-east, where the sun can be observed to rise over the outlying Hele Stone, giving the most northerly rising of the sun. Father’s Day, honouring fathers and fatherhood. St John’s Day. Cancer, cardinal water.

Summer Solstice


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The Summer Solstice

is understandable if we look at the whole story, and only then can we see the part.  Summer Solstice is the highest the plant can grow to before it flowers and produces fruit. It is the meeting place of the fire (four elements) rising up our spinal column and the descending three rays or three seeds from the Sun.

The seed begins its journey from out of the darkness and follows the straight pathway through to dawn and high noon. It is the straight path from Saturn to the Moon and the Sun. (Read more)