The Spring Equinox

(March 20/21)

Spring is the time of equal day and night, where the balance finally tips in favour of the light, as the cardinal fire sign of Aries fires up the year. Time of conscious seed-sowing, acting in the light. Sow those seeds and nurture them with purpose, plant your ideas with focussed attention and let the light itself unfold them. Mothering Sunday (Mother’s Day) falls around this time and reminds us to honour not only our own mother, but the mother of all mothers and the mother of all, without whom there is no creation and no renewal.

On the Sunday nearest the first full moon after the Spring Equinox comes the Christian sol-lunar festival of Easter, when the resurrected Christ rises from the tomb to spread the light. In modern times the ancient goddess Eostre’s fertile eggs and rampant rabbits have been transformed into a harmless chocolate fest, sugar-sweet and bunny-twee.

The horizon

Minus, passive, subtraction,

that which undergoes force

Pisces Cassiopea

A southern constellation consisting of 13 stars called Cassiope. Wife of Cepheus, mother of Andromeda, Queen sitting on a throne clasping a braid of her hair.

3rd Decanate of Pisces

Eventful lives, wide variety of careers, unusually adaptable, likeable but need excitement and change. Best occupation psychic research. Vicissitudes.


Spring Equinox

(March 20/21)

The Spring Equinox is the action of getting up or growing up, It is Equal day and night when the equinox becomes a doorway to a new world. The minus sign of the horizon turns into a plus sign as the Sun rises at right angles to the horizon making a cross.

There is in man a seed that grows and in due season transforms his earth into a heaven of glorious hues. This seed is planted in your heart at birth and leaves

at death. We call it a seed atom.

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The light rises

above the horizon,

Positive active, addition, force


A triangle point upward.

1st Decanate of Aries

The divine fire can inspire leadership in thought. The pioneer spirit of Aries in its fiery fullness. Zeal, enthusiasm. seeks new worlds to conquer. Let the thoughts soar upwards untrammelled, become the harbinger of better things. If the trend is downwards they become like avenging agents of death and destruction. Activity.

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