It is not just for lovers, but for all

who love life and want to make a difference.

Now the cold and dark of winter is fading, Imbolc (February 1/2) is upon us, the inner fire has survived the winter, it is Candlemas, the brightness of St Brigit’s Day. Imbolc is the time of choice, choosing what to do with the light, choosing what you want to commit yourself to. Valentine’s Day (February 14) is a modern echo of this, but it is not just for lovers, but for all who love life and want to make a difference. The brightening (Brigit-ening) days are a model for breaking with the old and affirming the new. It’s time to get real. Aquarius, fixed air.  


Brigit's Day, Candlemas, Valentine's Day.



What do you want to commit yourself to?

In the new year sit down and visualise yourself in the centre of your environment, family, work etc. Taking one context at a time, ask what would you do to make the space work in a better way. Make your own mind up without listening to any external advice or internal voices in your head from past authority figures. Then   based on your vision of what the whole space needs, put it into action.

It is not what you need to get, it is what can you contribute to the whole. What can I give to the life that I am involved in, what difference can I make. What can I make happen that will be good for me and the whole space, everyone and everything in the space needs to be included.

Committ to  future action

Become free in the Present

Complete the past and store it in a memory

Committ to future action

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