The Sun

If you would visualise your life as the passage of the Sun through the sky then you would find the harmony that you seek.

When the Sun rises in the morning there is no limit set for its radiance and no boundary set for its passage. Be then like the Sun which shines on the just and the unjust, for who shall say which is which, and who having wisdom would try to discriminate, for the Sun has no need to give to one only, for it is everlasting and its power infinite.

Thomas Maughan

The Druid Order

Imbolc The brightening day

Imbolc/Candlemas/Valentine's day

The celebration of Imbolc is related to St Valentine's Day, Chinese new year, Christian Candlemas, Ground hog day in the USA and others. Chinese new year begins with the first new moon after the Winter Solstice and heralds a new beginning, the celebrations end 15 days later with a festival of lanterns or lights. Imbolc is a Celtic fire festival dedicated to Brigid or ST Bridget for Christians. This is related to the word bride or bright, it is a declaration of intent to support the brightening light. Christians celebrate this time as Candlemas to honour the Lamb of God through a purification of the land and its dedication to the light, the Lamb of God, the I am of God, Jesus or in french, Je suis.

The Bride

The preparation for the candle to be lit is synonymous with the preparation of the Bride for the flame of the spirit

or put another way, the Lamb of God descends into matter. The one light becomes the three lights, through the present tense. The present gives birth to the future and the past, the Virgin Mary gives birth to the one light continually. Winter Solstice receives the dying Sun and gives birth to the new Sun. It is not a one off event in history. Past, present and future are in unity at the Winter Solstice, we have completed the past and are not yet committed to the future. They become united in a seed. Imbolc is a declared intention to support the light towards

a new future. The Bride of the Lord is purified and consecrated and made ready to be lit or give birth to the one light. Then the journey begins.

The Bride of the Lord is the past, present and future tense.The Egyptian Goddess Isis announces,

I am all that has been, that is, or shall be, no mortal man has ever unveiled me.

The consciousness of our personality is awakened by the increased brightness, in the same way that we wake up in the morning as the candle within is relit in response to the rising light. The seed in the soil dedicates itself to the light, then that which appears dead comes to life and is uplifted to seek the light. Jesus lifts up Lazarus from his bed of unconsciousness. The Ancient Egyptian God Osiris is lifted up by Isis. Is-is, Yes-yes and Jesus are developments of the same word in english.

We need to recognise that we all live within contexts which are larger than ourselves. We can dedicate ourselves to be in the space we are in Now, then the light is attracted into that space. We can dedicate ourselves to work for the welfare of humanity, we can see what we can do in the present tense to provide that which is needed in the context we are in. this supports the growth of consciousness for the benefit of the whole (holy) or everyone.

We cannot grow towards the light if we are not present when we decide. Decisions made in the past or projected into the future as expectations will not work, we need to accept the space we are in otherwise we could end up seeking a better candle that meets with our past and future illusionary expectations. When we think we are larger than the space then selfishness could cause us to shrink from service to the light if it does not match our inflated opinion of who we think we are or who we think we are not. We will struggle to keep the candle alight and push

on blindly into the darkness.

Seeds appear to be dead, candles appear to be dead, winter appears to be dead, but the light is reborn out of the darkness, awakened by the I am, the self, and the resulting brightness. Stimulated by this brightness we follow the path of the Sun to produce what the space needs. The quest of our personality out into the world is dedicated to the I am. Our personality and material body is pledged to the light through the present tense. The seed grows upwards to express its own light in response to the brightness without.

The retail industry following traditional religious stories and the Agricultural year, have made it about past and future with a red heart representing love to join two material people together. A radiant heart originally represented the Now. The He arter, Arther, H earther, the five pointed star is a symbol for the heart, four elements plus a fifth called spirit or vibration. The four chambers of the heart plus a hidden fifth. A Christian cross has five points with

a lamb in the centre. Out of historical stories translated into the past tense with the added promise of a return in

the future, the present is missing. It is said that one day the Present will return, but it never really left. The retail industry follows the same path of repeating the past and trying to predict the future, past and future are forever trying to claim the throne of Now. Now has been replaced by past centred religions that have in turn given birth

to shopping centres as sacred places who seemingly offer better value.

Marriage mari age

Marriage is not between two people, there is always a third point which joins the two together that is larger than both of them. Now joins future and past together. The I am ( the purpose) of Good that unifies through the present or gift. All creativity comes out of Now(the Virgin Mary). There is no evidence for the existence of the Holy Temple of Now or Whole Temple of the sacred heart. The inhabiter of the sacred place is continually being killed or forgotten, the past and future become disunited from the present. We need to Purifiy and consecrate our expectations, our selfish desires and resentments based on past driven illusions about what we thought happened to us in the past. The space must be purified and consecrated before we can declare our intention to support the light through others.

Winter Solstice: is the point where the past is complete, there are not yet any commitments to the future.

Imbolc: is a declared intention to dedicate our goals to support the purpose of the light.

Spring Equinox: is putting that intention into action.


Imagine that you are standing in the centre of a space.

Close your eyes and observe the space of your family, work place, your own environment or your life.

Everything from our past is complete or if not place those things that are not, on a shelf for later completion.

We are not yet committed to a future. We have become nobody or nothing viewing ourselves in a space,

e.g., our work place. Then ask this question.

What does your workspace need to make it work successfully from your point of view?

Being detached from all advice, from past and future authority figures, external and internal.

Become free from who you think you are, then view the space with no ulterior motives. Decide what the space needs to make it work well, not what you think it needs for your own imagined benefit.

Include everyone in the space. Then make a decision about what your contribution will be, based on what

you see, for everyone and everything in the space.

Then go and produce what you have seen to be needed.

This Exercise is the process of Winter Solstice, Imbolc and Spring equinox, in one exercise.

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