Summer Solstice- 2015

We have walked to this mound so that we can look back and remember where we have come from, who we are and where we are going to. Then we can make a beginning. The word History is His story, light and its descent into matter through the three levels of mental, emotional and physical. A history of consciousness from cause to the effect.

We can see the stars at night radiating in the darkness. Our mind also

sits in darkness with a view to infinity. This light descends into the earth as the potential to procreate on the material level. The one light becomes a reflection of itself, with a built in capacity to learn and to breath in and out. Movement creates a future and a past.

A Seed contains within it everything that it needs to become itself, it is a container for the past, present and future, it is infinity packed into a small space ready to unfold out into an apparent finite space.

The seed needs resistance to push against so it can generate power on the physical plane. The dark soil provides the seed with the sustenance to support the growth of the roots that will provide the strength for it to stand up and grow. The dark sky provides the resistance that enable the stars to radiate. The dark sky is the opposite and yet the same as the soil that enables the seeds to grow.  Above is reflected below.

The human body is driven by its own Solar system as well, with an above and a below. Heaven is at the top of our spinal column in our head. At the base of our spine is the sacral plexus or dark soil. Our spinal column is oriented the same way as the spinal column of the Earth.

Our mind needs the resistance of life coming towards us. These experiences of life assist us to grow the truths that give us the strength to rise up to face the trials and tribulations of life. Our experience of life is a reflection of the wars that were in the Heaven of our minds.

Roots in the soil and the truths in our mind provide us with the strength to stand up and go. The word root and truth are the same word pronounced differently, the roots in the soil are the opposite to the truths in our mind, they are also brother and sister, the same is true of heaven and earth, North and South, Winter and Summer.  We stand upright, heaven to earth but travel east to west following the path of the Sun.

Druids relate the pineal gland to the Moon. At the base we have the soil that the seed of light is eventually planted in. The moon is in heaven and its reflection is in the earth.

Seeds have an intimate relationship with eggs. Our minds express themselves through an upper womb, and this womb is a hermaphrodite. Heaven does not have separate genders, the female and male act together through the pineal and pituitary glands, these give birth to words via thoughts and feelings. The seed meets the egg. The lower womb has separate genders in the material world, and enables procreation of the species on a material level.

In Ancient times relative to our solar system and according to what can be seen with the naked eye, Saturn or Kronos was seen as the edge of our Solar system and the Moon was closest to the Earth. Saturn rules the edge, and also the soil and the skin of all things. The Moon rules the transformation of infinity to the finite and back again. Saturn and Moon rule over the link between infinity and the finite through the spinal column in our body. It is also the relationship between short term memory and long term memory.

Life will always bring us a reflection of ourselves and through this we can learn about ourselves and make the necessary adjustments. We will not be able to accept all that we see immediately, so we would say the dark mother has blinded us with her wings, or protected us from ourselves until we are grown up enough to see and accept the things that life brings to us.

The creation of a devil means that what we cannot bear to see and accept could be blamed on to something or someone else. This mechanism relieves the pressure that leads to many mental conditions. Children need to learn according to their capacity to process


We have two material eyes connected to our brain, what they see is connected to our previous experience of life through the five material senses. We think we live in a clockwise world, we see the Sun rise

and set and we lose consciousness at night, so we decide that life

is finite and eternity is uncomprehensible. We think we have one beginning and one ending and that is what our eyes tell us.

Our mind has its own singular eye called the pituitary gland that enables us to see in the dark and in the present tense. This mind’s eye follows the real anti clockwise direction of the planet we live on. We can choose to happen to life rather than life happens to us. We can make enthusiam as a state of being, we can decide what kind of thoughts we want to have by growing our awareness in relationship to the reflections shown to us by the mirror of life, the Moon and Saturn together.

Stonehenge was built as a reflection of Heaven on Earth. The outer circle at Stonehenge represents a Saturn cycle and the inner blue stones a lunar cycle, the seed of light meets the egg or the altar of transformation.  We must travel the 8 fold path of illusion until we have grown up enough to be able to see the reality. We must experience pain and failure as being equal to success and joy, and learn from both. The sweet and bitter experiences are equal in honour.

We must travel the clockwise path of the Sun or stir the Cauldron of Ceridwen until the three drops of inspiration descend or the past and future are unified with the present, the cause is unified with the effect. Heaven becomes one with the Earth, the illusion is one with the reality, the infinite is connected to the finite, Jehovah, becomes Jehoshua and the four elements are transformed through the vibrations of light.

The fostering influence of the Moon and the restrictive influence of Saturn work together to make this happen.

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Summer Solstice

a mound near Stonehenge midnight 2019