Summer Solstice

a mound near Stonehenge midnight 2016

These Stonehenge ceremonies follow the path of the Sun from its descent into matter to its  ascent from matter. This is expressed on the mental, desire and physical levels of our being. We are here at midnight at the point of the lowest descent of light into matter. In order to ascend we would need to be born out of the power of standing still or silence. All Strength, perseverance, and trust are born out of standing still and silence.

According to Genesis 3 :

chapter 22 in the Christian Bible.

“And God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever: Therefore the LORD God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken.”

The Sun or external heat source is now descended into matter. We all became a living Universe with our own internal Heat source. We became able to see our own creations and feel pain and suffering on the path to becoming human beings. We were and are cast out from the present tense on a journey to find the sacred place, which in reality we never really lost.

The path of these three ceremonies describes the descent of light into matter  followed by the ascent of light out of matter. These ceremonies reach their completion with the sharing of the five elements.

There are many who concentrate on the highest attributes of a so called spiritual path, heading for the highest teaching, attempting to bypass the experiences of life which may bring us back down to earth.

We have to step up from the lowest rung on the ladder before the top can also move up. This can and does create conflict between the top and bottom of each context we live through. For the top to become more wealthy or healthy those at the bottom in poverty and disease must step up. It is easier to climb if the bottom rung on a ladder moves up first.

Yet there are many VIP’s in all disciplines who seek to represent the present tense for those below. Many who pretend to know what is good or bad for you. This includes those so called spiritual leaders and individuals who think they are more spiritual than others.

They do not realise that the other end of the stick is a reflection of themselves and their possible fear of seeing in the present tense. They too are cast out from the present tense or the sacred place to learn the low down teaching relative to their own poverty and sickness.

The high up teaching can put you in contact with the unseen worlds of other beings, but we will be thwarted in our attempts to force our way into heaven or the present tense, if as is usual we try to take with us all of our possessions from past experiences. Our illusions will stop us from realising the truth.

The real test of enlightenment is not at the top of the mountain or the end result, but in the journey itself. We can learn to be intelligent, clever, understand the mathematics of Stonehenge, become good homoeopaths, astrologers or tarot card readers. It will make no difference at all to our actual state of being relative to  how we react in the present moment.

Adam was thrown out of the garden of Eden because he was upset by his own reflection and until we learn to accept what we see in the mirror of life as belonging to us, we will be unable to move or procreate, and our  name will be lost.

The point of action is at the crossroads, at midnight, the lowest point, do we choose the prideful response of upsetness, and initiate yet another past tense reaction to the fear of seeing our reality. We will at that very moment be cast out of the sacred place  striding out down the wrong path, making the wrong decisions. We need the will power to be detached from our prideful assumptions and

intervene on our own behalf. This is a split second moment of actuality. The imagined god particle for physicists.

At the very split second that we can catch our personality choosing the wrong way, we can intervene choosing a different point of view. Changing our behaviour grows from a seed to become a repetitive action, effecting our genetic patterns to support new habits. Instead of being rejected by the present tense we will have gained access to the sacred place, the now of time where all procreation happens. There are no exams, money, awards or special skills which will help us in our moment of need.

Upsetness is a symptom of the rejection of the low teaching,  the experience which stops the highest from moving up. Upsetness stops us from standing up and being human, we will still be animals set up to learn through pain and suffering. Upsetness ignores silence and standing still, there will be no movement and we will experience our own impotentness on every level except the physical.

When I face the sunrise I will announce the three wise men who represent movement, real creativity is the ability to change our response to our past and give birth to a new response in the present.

The Creator who designs, the Preserver, who keeps reality safe and the destroyer who destroys our illusion’s. Every moment of time we are being cast out of the Garden to experience pain and suffering, struggling to become reborn out of our own upsetness.

Here we have come to learn to grow out of the power of standing still or silence, where there is no conflict within ourselves. For men and women a virgin birth is always possible.

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© 2016 The Druid Order an druidh uileach braithreachas

Summer Solstice- 2015