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Summer Solstice June 21st 2021

This is another symbol of the meeting place.

It is similar to our original  banner of the Mount Haemus grove. It is a step pyramid made up of nine squares sitting on top of each other.

These represent the 8 points of the path of the sun through the year with a ninth in the top centre. Unity is at the meeting place at the top.

It is the hill of Tara who is an aspect of  Ethne. Goddess of  learning, and presides over the hall of justice. Tara's colour is the light blue of the sky, Brigit's colour is the green of

the leaves.

The blue sky transmits the light to the earth, The colour green attracts the light to the earth. Ethne's colour is white and is neutral containing all colours.


The nine squares of a nine step pyramid as they appear on the front of a mobile phone. It is a cubicle Altar to assist change.

Spinal column


The Summer Solstice is understandable if we look at the whole story, and only then can we see the part.  Summer Solstice is the highest the plant can grow to before it flowers and produces fruit. It is the meeting place of fire rising up our spinal column and meeting the descending three rays or three seeds from the Sun.

The seed begins its journey from out of the darkness  and follows the straight pathway from darkness through to dawn, to high noon. It is the straight path from Saturn to the Moon and the Sun.

Some cosmologists have decided that the universe began out of darkness and then the light expanded through the ‘big bang theory’ out of which, following a sequence of events the universe was created.

The Christian story of Genesis states that darkness was upon the face of the deep, God said let there be light and light appeared followed eventually with the formation of solar systems.

One Australian aboriginal origin story states that they were born out of the darkness and the light of the first day appeared.

The seed of a child is planted in the darkness of the womb, through an egg (moon), then the cells multiplied according to a plan and a small individual universe is born into the light.

We have endless amounts of creation stories that begin with darkness and end with light, and then return with a descent into darkness and an ascent towards the light. We have agricultural versions, scientific, religious, political and academic versions all speaking in different languages and using different symbolism. They all claim to be the one true version, and there is no unifying structure to bring them together: these stories have been cut off from the harmony that they once represented. Inheriting unity we brought forth disharmony, disease and conflict. It is about time we dispensed with VIP’s and so-called experts and looked to the peace and harmony that was once ours.

We are the builders of consciousness. We built from the ground up starting with the mineral kingdom, followed by the vegetable kingdom and the animal kingdom and finally the fourth stage or human kingdom. We have been chosen to build a temple suitable to contain a human being.

Stonehenge symbolically represents the first three stages of this building process, it does not represent the fourth stage of going out into the open to become a human. We are the embodiment of the temple.

We have grown our consciousness from that of a rock to becoming a potential human being. We carry within us all that has been and will ever be at this moment in time.

When we touch the Sun Stone at Stonehenge and renew the covenant that is made between heaven and earth, we swear this oath on the foundation stone

of the building or foothold in this world. It is the foundation stone that exists symbolically in many religions as the altar that the Sun rose over in the East.

It is the stone that Arthur pulled the sword out of, It is through the cubicle Kaaba that life on earth is said to have begun.

We are the individuals who have been elected to represent the whole of nature but whom nature has not formed. We embody the group of mineral, vegetable and animal and it is our duty to lead or lift up these life forms towards peace, harmony and health through understanding and a greater awareness of life and light.

We are all tied up in one bundle and there is no selfish salvation for one and the exploitation of any other forms of life is a very bad bargain.

Our individuality is bound to this oath and we will climb from the foundation stone to become a human being and eventually a god. Mankind is intended to become a true leader of themselves, with the freedom to do as they will for the good of the whole. We must become grown up adults and a law unto ourselves. This is not about being a grown up child rebelling against bad parents or being bad parents abusing children. Humanity at the moment is struggling to move from being animalistic to becoming more human. This is difficult to do if pride and guilt are the hidden motivating factors that drive our mindset.

We are driven by the guilt that we are not the good people we would like to think we are, we still harbour guilty thoughts about those we do not like, we have unhealthy thoughts about possessions, territory, food supply, wealth and imagined external rights. We will go to war and kill for these wants and will at all costs avoid responsibility for our own actions by getting someone else to take the blame. And all the while we will be members of a peace, harmony and health-seeking group whose rules support legal, tribal, or professional bodies who are not for the good of everyone.

Everything must exist in a shared format for it to survive, that is a principle of nature. We could celebrate the coming harvest by sharing that joy with everyone.

Summer Solstice - Druid Order meeting