At Spring time the force of  expansion begins to push the plants out into the world, the seed in the soil responds to the heat of the Sun and begins its journey from darkness out into the light. Fed by the past it heads off towards the light

Looking within our own physical body there is a link to Spring and how this  expansive force  works through us. In this respect we can consider the function of our Adrenal glands and  reproductive system. Hormones secreted by these glands govern our sex characteristics and control the development of puberty, and the production of cells from which new life is derived.

At Easter we use an egg to symbolise new life and procreativity. We also use rabbits and hares to represent this outward moving force. The mad march hare dashing through the fields displays the vitality of Spring. Springtime encourages us to go out and expand into the outside world driven by the energy and enthusiasm which the adrenal glands support in the body. Teenagers like  the plant world are about to leave home. The earth supplies food for the journey, while the Sun provides the direction to be taken. The memory presents the food of experience from the past, and the personality reaches towards the Sun and it’s chosen goal.

Physically man uses this force on one level only, it can be used up, unless it is regenerated on the mental level.

The adrenal glands control blood circulation in the body, this is like sap for plants. They produce a chemical called adrenaline. They are fight or flight glands, functioning in response to danger, terror and anger etc. the results are rapid pulse , thumping heart and other unpleasant sensations, they raise the blood pressure and  deepen the respiration. Repeated incidents of uncontrolled anger, excitement and fear deplete the Adrenal glands of its reserves. We then become tired, oversensitive to cold, mentally unstable with a tendency to worry.

The illness called Asthma manifests as difficulty of breathing, with the breath becomes shallower. It is sometimes treated with Adrenaline substitute drugs, to replace the vitality which has been used up. This helps to restore normal breath and enables sufferers to live with their condition, but it does not cure the unconscious resentment which caused the adrenal glands to be worn out in the first place.  

Jealousies, hates, fears, struggles for wealth and power and position and superstition all use up energy.  Soap opera life styles have been developed from these activities as a dramatic interpretation of what we think normal life is. We have all become driven by past events which we feel angry about, automatically pressing the adrenaline button when life reminds of these past reactions, we are slaves to our past hurtful memories.

These glands when performing normally support steady growth and expansion towards the light. They manifest optimism, generosity and a kindness of disposition. A feeling of Spring is in the air. They provide us with the vitality, vigour and persistance to rise up and go for what we want to have happen in our lives. Optimism and good humour enliven and strengthen the adrenal glands giving us the power to stand up and enter the world of physical action. Spring is a reminder and opportunity to intervene on out own behalf and take advantage of the power of choice.

We need to think expansively and not to shrink from fear, to become honorable and not self seeking, encouraging truthfullness and a working towards an understanding of how things work. Perhaps we could be awakened to go out into the world  and transform it, expand our vision, make our world into a one that works for everyone, change resentment into honouring life, become fired with the desire to love the light and life, give up our unconscious agenda to have our own way at the expense of others, give up being beligerent.

When our expanded consciousness recognises that what we perceive is a reflection of ourselves, then we will learn that the freedom to become what we are is intimately related to how we see others. We will no longer need to have power over others, or want to subdue others to be who we want them to be. If this force is used to further our own needs it will manifest as being over-confident with a false sense of entitlement, self indulgence, conceit, improvidence and procrastination. These will in turn give rise to blood disorders, palpitations and fevers.

It is a betrayal of the forces of expansion to turn compassion into personal gain. Instead consider being expansive and generous, not limited by bigotry and help those who are struggling upwards. Stand up and live life as opposed to being oversensitive and weak, running away when faced with our own unconscious agenda. Avoid projecting our viewpoints onto others and blaming them for doing what we do or have already done.

Can we  become resurrected to a new life and manifest the opportunities which Springtime presents.

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Spring Equinox Tower Hill, London, March 20th, 2016

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