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Spring Equinox 2015
Spring Equinox- 2016

Spring is a time for the resurrection of new life, where the invisible seeds in the soil reappear as new growth for the nourishment of humanity. It is time for the force of expansion to take over from the state of standing still, it is time for us to rise from sleep and go to work.

Our work on the material level provides food and shelter for us and our mental activities provide food for thought and understanding to enable us to create a better world.  The work we do needs to facilitate an expansion of our conscious awareness of life and its greater purpose. Through our work we need to cultivate a more diverse and deeper understanding of ourselves, others and the groups that we form. This applies to all levels and kinds of work that we are involved with.

It is not enough to only expand our wealth, land, bank balance or the size of your body. It is not enough to be externally good looking or brave, these two conditions need to be expressed internally in the way that we confront and use our mind.  The thought always comes before the event, the mind needs to control the animal impulses from within.

Greater effort is now needed to lift mankind out of the animal state and look towards the idea of becoming a human being. It is not enough to just seek safety and material comfort. The seeds are not just for our comfort and wellbeing, there is no point to life if we are not becoming more aware of the effects our mind is having on our environment. Our mind needs to learn how to control our animal tendencies of greed, fear, anxiety, conquest, domination, and territorial conflict.

The stars are seeds in the dark sky just as the seeds are stars in the dark soil.  The former is infinite and the latter is finite, we need to see beyond who we think we are, beyond what we think we feel, beyond our externally given so called rights to support who we think we are.

This whole of life includes us as well as you and everything else in the space. Inheriting health, we brought forth disease, inheriting wealth we brought forth poverty, inheriting peace we created war and so on. With rights come responsibilities, what are our responsibilities to the whole of life?

There is a seed planted in our heart that in due time will grow and manifest the fruit of an expanded consciousness, this will facilitate a world that will belong not to you or me but to everyone.

There is no other way.

There are a number of words that share a common source to the word heart, or the place of the fire that heats the blood. The hearth or fireplace heats up our home, our planetary home is the earth, the fire in our heart heats up the blood in the same way that the Sun heats our solar system. Our body has its own internalised heat source that provides movement and expansion. We can stand up and walk. The fire arrives at birth enabling the light to be pushed out into the material world, Fire drives growth and movement and when it leaves the body the heat and movement disappear. We call this death.

The heart is the spring for the blood, the source of the rivers and springs in our body.  It is the heart of the blood vascular system in our body, it is a transport system for hormones, vitamins and minerals to get to where they are needed. Heat causes things to rise up and move around our body. The distribution of water is the same process happening in the land, the rivers and springs feed the land with water, a vehicle for nutrients to be distributed throughout our land.

Fire as an element assists all things to rise upwards to the source of the fire. The elements of water, earth and air are dependent upon fire to help them to move, radiate and change their form as part of a cyclical pattern. The blood returns to the heart and the sunlight causes the seeds to grow back towards the Sun. Water evaporates, forms clouds then returns as rain and so on.

The earther, the one who embodies the fire in the story of the mythical King Arthur, the Sun shines on the Earth and the fire in the seed inspires us out on a quest to return to the heart of the matter. The true artist or Arthur is the one who takes the sword from the stone, the radiation from the mineral or the shoot that rises out of the soil. The one who uses the light for the good of all. We are all artists. We are the Arthur who created the work of art that is our world and we as living works of art exist as a testimony to the truth of our existence.

We could all buy electric cars and think that material change would be enough to deal with pollution in the world, but there is pollution in our blood and invaders in our minds that drive the material conditions that we live in. Nature, art, culture, and creativity are not just external activities, we created the pollution, our state of health, the planet and our body as our work of art, everything is driven by how we think, the hard manual labour that will apparently be rewarded in heaven is not just external, it is driven by the applied effort to control the way that our minds perform.

We created the need for a Corona virus as a reflection of us in the mirror of life. Is there a similarity between how we live  and the lifestyle of the Corona virus?  Is there a relationship between Corona virus and our body that is similar to us and our relationship with the planet?  Are we getting the message or are we thinking that we can fix it and things will return back to normal?  We will then have succeeded in replacing understanding with being clever.

The seed that is planted in our heart has within it the power of the Universe, where all things are possible if we make the effort. It decides when to expand or contract, when to live and when to die.  

We as individuals with our illusionary search for self-expression are not that important, we are in fact insignificant tiny dispensable blips in the history of the Universe, unless we learn to express ourselves as part of the pattern of life. Interestingly the meaning of the word pattern is hidden in the word itself, just like the seed in the soil is hidden until it reveals itself.

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