These meetings will continue in the form of a  zoom meeting. Anyone who is interested can contact us and we will send you a link to attend. They will begin with a meditation and a talk followed by an opportunity to ask questions about the Order and the subject of the evening.

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Spring 2022

What is Individuality?

We will be running a new online

course called,

What is Individuality?

7.30pm on Friday,

September 30th.

Classes will be every 4 weeks.

Cost £15 per month

(if you want to request a concessionary rate please contact me). To register your interest please reply by email through

Contact us

This course is divided into seven parts.

1.  What is individuality?

2.  Leadership

3. The Sun

4. Going forth

5. Gender

6. King Midas and the Minotaur

7. The end is in the beginning

We will begin by looking at the symbolism of the heart in relationship with individuality. An individuality that is divided from the whole, yet carries within it the potential of that whole, a tree within a seed for instance, or a present tense that contains the past and future. A seed atom.