Andromeda (meaning ruler of men or mankind,  Queen of men) was the daughter of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia who ruled the land of Aethiopia, the land of shining light within the Pia-mater, translated as tender mother. The queen boasted that Andromeda was more beautiful than the Nereids or sea spirits. This outraged the god of the sea, and Poseidon sent a sea monster called Cetus to lay waste to the land. King Cepheus was told that in order to save his kingdom he had to chain his daughter to a rock in the sea as a sacrifice to Cetus.

Andromeda is sacrificed for the good of all mankind, she represents the moon who is chained to a rock between the earth and the sea, between the finite and the infinite, the earth and the starry heavens. She sits where the Sun sets as a mirror for Mankind to see themselves in.

She was rescued by Perseus who used the head of the Medusa to turn the monster into stone. Perseus was a warrior who fights against the unfairness and disharmonious conditions of the world.

The word Marriage or the generations of Mari or La Mer, the french word for sea. Andromeda is a sea queen. The relationship of the Sun and the moon is the marriage between what you see and its reflection.There is an oath between the seer and the seen, one day they will be unified.

Cetus the sea monster devours those that do not see love or do not love life. Love is what you receive when you view the sea or stare out into the starry Universe. But if you only marry for profit, land or control over matter the sea monster will take you, it feeds off your arrogance, vanity, and greed creating chaos throughout the land.

Perseus rescues the beautiful light in the darkness or Andromeda and they marry. He protects the weak or passive, or the mirror that sacrifices itself for the good of humanity.

We all make sacrifices to feed the monster.

We will accept survival, comfort, money, not being hated as the opposite to love and the illusion of external peace and security in return for our integrity.

Perseus uses the head of the Medusa which he keeps in a bag (blinded). When taken out those who look into its eyes are turned to stone. The Medusa has a head of writhing serpents whose roots are in your mind. The thoughts and feelings that you must compulsively follow to your own eventual downfall. When you look into the eyes of the Medusa those who do not like their own reflection are turned to stone.The sea monster saw a reflection of itself.

All opposites are married (action and rest, day and night, control and out of control etc). They are destined to be unified through the Moon and it’s internal equivalent in the brain, the Pineal gland in the centre of the brain. This area is protected by the tender mother (Pia-mater). The Pineal gland or moon in the head is chained to the earth or your own body waiting to be rescued, This is similar to the story of Sleeping beauty who is waiting to be woken up.

Andromeda and Perseus are parts of the same person.

Love living as an extension of ovulation. Ovulation is not just about the egg in the womb, it is also about the Pineal gland (egg) in your head. It is not just for material gain but for the good of humanity. Inspired thinking is the effect of ovulation in the head(upper womb).

Be original, inspired and love life as opposed to getting stuck in past habits, and complaining about what life has brought to your door. Do not blame the light for that which you see in that light.

Endeavour to Love seeing and see love and beware of sea monsters.

Another version of the Greek myth of Andromeda and Perseus

A love story


The three astrological decanates of Aquarius cover the events of Imbolc, Chinese new year and Valentine day.

1st.   Enthuse and be original.

2nd.  Learn inspiration and expression.

3rd.   Only marry for love. Repression

         or false sacrifice.

The three astrological decanates of Aquarius


The head of a horse with a flowing mane.

1st decanate of Aquarius.

Follow their own path yet know how to manage people in a progressive way while looking for the unique. Should learn to work with people encouraging new ways of interaction, advanced ideas and methods. They are interested  in education and instruction. A young horse.


This decanate contains Imbolc


A winged horse soaring upwards.

2nd decanate of Aquarius.

Mind travel or flights of fancy from which answers to questions bring much interesting material. able to present this material in a dramatic or fascinating way. Should learn to express that which is within. Imaginatively




A gigantic whale like monster.

3rd Decanate of Aquarius.

A sea monster that devours those who do not see love in their life. Tend to have relationships for reasons other than love with disastrous consequences. Yet to attain harmonious associations with  others they must bond with like minded people. Only thus can they achieve.

Repression, false sacrifice

This Decanate contains St Valentines day.

Astrological decanates of Aquarius are taken from C.C. Zain. The Brotherhood of Llght. with some additions.