For most people history is a method of correlating data obtained from the study of external reality. External reality is a limitation which is always viewed from the past tense. According to the writer Graham E. Howe,

‘If we took an apple and looked at its outside surface, we would eventually want to get inside it. We could peel away the skin and look inside, we could cut the apple in half and carry on cutting until we have the smallest piece. Are we seeing the inside of the apple or just the outside of the inside? We could put the pieces under a microscope and analyse its chemical constituents.  Would we still be just seeing the outside of it?

We then only see the outer half of reality and we call this history. This half is very important and should not be ignored, but it is still only one half and can only ever tell the truth if it includes the whole of something.  It misses out the inner half and the relationship between the known and the unknown. Science based on one half of life will be like a person who lives only out of the past tense.  

Historians and archaeologists work with what they can see and then interpret this information in order to speculate about what they cannot see. Daytime is one half of reality, night time is the other half and we as human beings represent the relationship between them.  Future, present and past. Only the outside of reality can be proved -  there is no proof for the inside of something, but this does not mean it does not exist. There is no proof for the existence of the present tense. The atom exists even though we only ever see its vapour trail, or its past tense.

There is just as much happening in our consciousness at night as there is in the daytime - one provides evidence of its existence and the other produces no evidence to the onlooker. We have to experience the unknown and prove its existence to ourselves, nobody can do it for us. Once we know something unknown and we have proved it to ourselves, there is no need to prove it to others, simply because we already know. It is up to anyone interested to prove that they really want to find out.

History too has an inside and an outside to it. History is usually just a history of physical events and their possible causes. This is the kind of history of Druids people may think they are interested in. We are interested in evolution more than history. The other half of history is the history of the unknown, the history of consciousness, the history of light, which is linked to the seen through the mind. We cannot become experts based on the experience of half the world even if we can prove it.

Historical projection

Because historians see the known world they have a tendency to project their values and experiences onto history because that is what they know, or they use some past experience of something which they think is similar. Druids are largely unknown and as a consequence in the absence of any real knowledge many people have arisen to fill the void, capture the territory, become experts etc.

When people feel an unconscious guilt about themselves or their society they have a tendency to project that guilt onto others external to themselves. It is an apparently provable fact that we sacrificed people; and another fact is that Druidism cannot exist because the Romans wiped us out. These interpretations are the projections of a society which believes in sacrificing people for God and king (the first world war as one example). If you live in the past you can only see what is part of yourself. If historians know nothing about Druids then it is illogical to know what they were not. This kind of thinking is a science of convenience.  

It is far more likely that some survived all over the country and carried on their teaching underground, and called themselves by different names. Druids learned to hide themselves inside other organisations, to have groups hidden inside other organisations. They created leadership structures which were difficult to find. To historians looking for evidence of the Druids, they simply disappeared and left no independent evidence. There is no point in a secret if it has an independent witness. MI5 would be pointless if it was accompanied by a BBC reporter.

If death or imprisonment was the consequence of holding ideas which others saw as a threat to their existence, then Druids disappeared into secret societies not because they wanted to be secretive but as a comment on the tolerance of society as a whole.

It is possible to trace the history of Druidism if you know who Druids were, how they work, what their symbolic language is - so as a consequence it is usually only Druids who can read their history. We have our own records,  but we have no independent witnesses. According to historians we do not and cannot exist, in the same way that our consciousness apparently does not exist at night when we go to sleep.

Early Christianity

Early Christianity had much in common with Druidism, a Christianity which was very different from that which we know now. Early Christianity did not have an external religious history, a fact which was violently eradicated from history. Roman Catholicism was the first Christianity which came with the historical story of a man on a cross - and those who did not agree were killed. Real persecution of the Druids came from the Catholic church.

Druids did not see any difference between the Sun, the Son, the present tense, or I am. In common with early Christians they did not recognise the historical story of a man on a cross. There is no division between real Christianity and Druidism or any other religion on the planet. The differences are only in the appearance and the relative sequence of development represented by a particular religion. Leaves appear to be different from flowers but they are both part of the same growth movement.

Druids see history as a unified development of consciousness of the whole of mankind. Consciousness like a plant has a sequential development path. There is no such thing as a separate religion, a plant develops through a seed to a root, shoot, bud, leaf, flower, fruit and back to seed again, all of these stages are part of one whole movement. So too is it with the development of consciousness.

Three stages (Triads)

There are always three phases or three growth stages in the creation of any form. Three seen and three unseen with you the human being in between. This is the basis of the illusory conflict between science and religion or between Darwin and religious creationists. Where do we come from? How did we get here? And where are we going? is the quest for real history. The Darwinians (material scientists) and the religious creationists (superstition) both argue about which is true from the point of view of thinking they each know one half of the world. Neither of them know the truth. Until they can come to terms with each other and see the whole, until they can put night and day together, they will  not know the truth.

In Druidism electrons are spirit, god is never a moralistic god but always a scientific god. Matter is under laws or principles, not a will. Spirit is the source of radiation and vibration.  Where we differ from some physicists is in understanding that atoms carry consciousness and can be directed by the mind. Consciousness needs a body and a personality to develop itself in the world of action.

Consciousness develops itself in the same way that we do every morning as we follow the path of the Sun through our working day. We travel from a purpose through to its completion. Over longer periods of time, consciousness develops itself through different races following the path of the Sun across the planet from east to west.

All three phases of a growth movement are there at all times, but consciousness chooses to specialize in different phases following a definite sequence.

China is a high example of a shamanic religion -  they put the light into the mineral, the most abstract into the most material. The emperor ceremonially stood in the north facing south, he represented the pole star and his people were the stars. It was heaven on earth. The highest teachers taught the lowest pupils.

They are good at using the physical realm to affect the flow of light. They are experts at using herbs, feng shui, acupuncture, kung fu etc. Their stage of consciousness is the equivalent of a child aged 1 to 7 years old and as a consequence they are involved with how light flows through the body. It is important for them to be earthed with their feet flat on the ground. They used the stomach centre as their central core. They are very flexible, good at circus skills. They are experts at stellar astrology. They could only access the abstract realms through the physical body, physical objects and dream interpretation. The shamanic religion is related to the Ovate tradition and the pursuit of power.

India became the next stage of development, moving from the light’s relationship with the mineral to the lesser light’s relationship with the vegetable kingdom or the nervous system. The Indian leader represents the moon and their people are the planets of our solar system - it was the heavenly family on earth. Chinese leaders taught the group, Indian leaders taught the family. The moon reflects sunlight - so unlike the Chinese who have their feet on the ground, the Indians meditate with their feet facing upwards towards the sun to reflect the light into the body. They are more passive, and correspond with 7 to 14 years old, a good time to be receptive.

They are good at lunar astrology and possess great knowledge of the endocrine system, a system in the body for receiving external stimulus and translating this information into thought. They specialised in learning how to control these responses. They worked with desire and colour and are related to the Bardic tradition and the pursuit of wisdom.

Egypt and Christianity represented the radiation of the Sun (son). The Pharaoh or Jesus was the Sun and his people were companions of the Sun. They went out like sunlight to spread the word, or radiate around the world. They represented the individuality, the action of loving or radiating light.

In Egypt the individual made the decisions and left home to spread their own light. In India the leader of the family makes the decisions and their children stayed at home. In China the emperor made the decisions for the group. From the group to the family to the individual and leaving home. The third stage of consciousness represents the years from 14 to 21. They work with mental patterns. They are good at affecting the physical condition through the power of thought and have full access to the abstract world. They use the centre in the middle of the forehead as their main power source. The Druid Order is a love school group, describing love as an action of radiating.

Consciousness or light learns how to manifest itself in the material world and develops the body; it then creates a mind and learns how to use it and then puts itself into action. Power, Wisdom and Love; Ovate, Bard and Druid.

Druids began as light, electrons, atoms, molecules and eventually matter. Matter develops up from the mineral to the plant to the animal and eventually the human being. The human being is not the pinnacle of life but the middle between the seen and the unseen.

Oral Tradition

Oral tradition is assumed to be something which is passed by word of mouth - this is also one half of the truth. In the daytime information is passed on physically, the word can be seen and heard with the senses. At night we are the recipients of the voice of silence, which also imparts information. Pure thinking just before it becomes images and words.

There is a difference between a wish, a hope or even a desire to recreate the past, to create a link with our ancestors, and an actual link which means that we can transmit and receive abstract material.   Oral tradition includes the ability to communicate beyond the physical for which there is no proof but which is where all of the power of the life of the group is centred. All power is with the unseen thought. To be real, a Druid group must have or be linked to a group which has the ability to cross the bridge between life and death. This is true oral tradition - all of the past members of your group, alive or dead, are still there in the abstract, in the same way that every thought produced in our mind is still there even if we cannot remember it. The thoughts of the group are there to be called upon by the group leader. These group structures apply to any group, including individuals who constitute a group of atoms, cells, organs and so on, all of which have links to past endeavours.

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Druids view history as the unified development of the consciousness of mankind.

Consciousness like a plant has a sequential development path.  A plant develops from a seed to a root, shoot, bud, leaf, flower, fruit and back to a seed, these stages are part of one whole cycle. All religions are also part of one cycle of development.

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