On the left is the banner of the Mount Haemus grove one of the groups that  formed the foundation stone of the Druid Order. It is formed of nine squares on top of each other creating eight steps. The altar is the ninth square with the Sun at its apex.  This forms a triangle or four triangles if it is a step pyramid.

On each step is a person holding a staff, on one side they hold the staff in the left hand and on the other the right hand representing the positve and negative poles of any two principle opposites.These two poles are united at the top by the Sun.

Above the Sun is a set of scales with a fulcrum made up of four triangles or Fire, water, air and earth representing the elements of Heaven and Earth. The materials in the scales are in balanced formation. There is a Sun and a moon either side of the scales creating a triangle opposed to the base triangle with both meeting at the Sun at the point of both triangles.This creates the shape of a chalice or a call to what is. Spirit, mind and body.  Above the moon is the letter H for Haemus grove.

This banner is statement about who we are and the path that we travel on. The path is the 8 fold path with the Sun at its centre. The clockwise path of the Sun is the path of illusion and the anticlockwise path is the way of  light or Seers.The path of illusion (the material path) needs to be mastered first before the Sun can rise up the central path to the top of the pyramid.

A more modern rendering  would be that the future and past is an illusion and the present is a reality.  The Sun is between night and day, sleep and awake and passive and active. The fulcrum of the scale is the present tense, the balancing point between being too light or too heavy, being overly passive or being to aggressive.

The Sun within can only rise when the lessons of the pathway of illusion have been learnt. the positive and negative poles of the sympathic nervous system must be mastered before the Sun can rise up the central nervous system.

May we experience joy each step of the way.

The old Mount Haemus banner

A more modern graphic with three bars of light replacing the Sun and moon


Mount Haemus Banner

9 squares next to each other as seen on a telephone dial. With 5 representing the Sun always at the centre, each line will add up to 15 which reduces to 6. There are 4 lines adding up to 24, the number of hours in a night and a day,  24 reduces to six, the number of squares to make a cross and a cube when folded up to symbolise three dimensional space.


A Chalice

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