The Sun

If you would visualise your life as the passage of the Sun through the sky then you would find the harmony that you seek.

When the Sun rises in the morning there is no limit set for its radiance and no boundary set for its passage. Be then like the Sun which shines on the just and the unjust, for who shall say which is which, and who having wisdom would try to discriminate, for the Sun has no need to give to one only, for it is everlasting and its power infinite.

Thomas Maughan

The Druid Order

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Spring Equinox Ceremony

will be held at 12 noon, Tuesday, 20th March. Tower Hill Terrace, London EC3R 5BJ.

Public Transport: Tower Hill tube, Tower Gateway DLR.

It is held in a public space so it is free, anyone is welcome to attend and celibrate the rise of the light with us.