Summer Solstice 2022

The Round Table, The Cauldron and the spinning wheel


Summer Solstice is the high point of the Sun in the year, and high noon in the day . There are no shadows in your mind and you have nothing to hide.

According to the science of astrology

each zodiacal sign is divided into three decanates each one related to a star constellation. The agricultural cycle on Earth is a reflection of the Realm of the starry skies.

Summer Solstice occurs between the third decanate of Gemini or Ursa Major and the first decanate of Cancer or Canis Minor. This relationship is between two of the highest points of thought and feeling. What  do we do with the opportunity to see from a higher place?

Mercury is the guardian of the sign of Cancer which is the sign of the Summer Solstice. Cancer is the great northern gate of the Zodiac and as such is related to the Pole star and the Pineal gland in your brain.

Ursa major personifies objectivity but needs to be connected to the present tense, if they are biased towards the past and future tense they can become susceptible to cold calculated reason. They should learn to the serve something larger than themselves to avoid becoming self centred. They can achieve great things through the mind.

This Solstice relationship is between Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, the Pituitary gland in the head, and the Moon, the ruler of Cancer and the Pineal gland in the centre of the head. The Pituitary gland can filter the transmission of light to the Pineal gland. This is the story of sleeping beauty who pricks herself on a spinning wheel and falls asleep for a hundred years..

Canis Minor, the small dog or personality that tends to follow the path of illusion,

but is created to give clarity and vision.

Cancer formulates a seed carrying fruit as a vehicle for future potential with food for the journey. This parenting function can become susceptible to domestic intrigue, they can be carried away by their feelings. They need to cultivate faithfulness, poise, positiveness and firmness to provide a balanced foundation for the future seed. Cancer is a womb with a connection to the infinite, a container that has access to all of the matter in the Universe. A wheel that spins or a cauldron that needs stirring.

The formation of the seed as future potential has the support of the laws of the Universe, the power of the designer, the transformer and the preserver is with them. They have the certainty of that which is all encompassing, inexhaustible and continuous.

Thoughts and feelings are created by the mind and we do not need to be subject to them. Will we give up and accept being lost in a forest of sensory blindness, and just believe in what we think we see or feel?

The thought or light enters the mind through Mercury the messenger.

Thoughts give birth to words. Words cannot be born without mother vowels

to enable the vocalisation of these words.

In the same way a musical scale is born out of the womb of silence, colour is born out of the womb of white and movement is born out of stillness.

Unfinished thoughts are stumbling blocks in the present waiting to be completed. The experience needs an ending so that it can have a new beginning. The straight line between the beginning and the end needs completion to become an eternally renewing circle.

Midsummer celebrates this relationship between Mercury and the Moon, Gemini and Cancer. The highest thoughts and the highest feelings, balanced by the fulcrum of the present tense. It must include everyone in the space. We as Druids work from the cause to find the effect, change the cause and effect will change. The way we think and feel is always the cause of the effect, not them, they, him or her. Materialistic scientists usually work backwards to try to find the cause of the effect.

The Constellation of Ursa Major is also known as Arthur the king, he who takes

the sword out of the stone of the Covenant that is between Heaven and Earth. Arthur approaches the meeting place at Summer Solstice, he represents the Sun and through Ursa major is the radius that meets the circumference who is Guinevere in Canis minor. The radiant sword or ray of light meets the altar in the cosmic womb, round table or cauldron, and new life is born. The three bars of light descend to meet the four elements. The past present and future meet the ingredients that will clothe their movement and form. The stick meets the drum, the dot meets the circumference.

The two highest points at Summer are Cancer and Leo guarded either side by Mercury/Venus.

King Arthur is subject to the problems of

all leaders in that they have a tendency to give their integrity or birthright away for power, wealth and comfort and end up representing themselves and not including the whole.

Guinevere is also known as the White enchantress or the White ghost. She is unconsciously mediumistic, She is the doorway with access to all the materials

in the universe. She gives the circle to Arthur the Sun and they marry but she is not faithful and has affairs with Sir Lancelot and Mordred which becomes the cause of Arthur’s death and the breakup

of the round table.

The Moon can give in to the strongest influence and become unfaithful to the wholeness of everything

This causes mankind and the round table to disintegrate into disunity, unfairness and inequality and lose the link with the kingdom of the starry heavens. The circle becomes an impotent straight line and the ability to be changed becomes a long forgotten memory.

Attending to the task at hand with Commitment, perseverance and completion will eventually regenerate

the Round table.