Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year and the longest night. The Sun is reborn out of the darkness, and the daylight begins to increase. It is the centre of winter's womb that resurrects the son

to new life.

The days begin to get shorter and the nights get longer after the Summer Solstice, the Sun is cleansed by its descent into darkness, into the water. Bowing was not originally a gesture of inferiority it is a statement of purification.  John the Baptist (the Moon) baptises the Sun.  At the Winter Solstice I have cleansed myself of upset, resentment and guilt, I bear no grudges. To bow is to say I have no ill intent, my past is clear and I have no commitment to the future, I am in the present tense. I have become nothing and out of this state I can make a new choice of action. Christmas is about giving presents, but these presents are symbols of my being in the present.

Going home for Christmas

According to the Christian story, Joseph and Mary travelled to Bethlehem to comply with the census, to return to the place of their birth. The Sun/Son/Jesus or the manifested god form was born at Bethlehem, the generator of inner power, born from the eternally rooted home.

One of the basic principles of the Sun's journey through the year is that night and day only exist in relationship to where the Sun is relative to the earth. Night and day is like switching the Sun on and off but the room is the same, only the appearance changes. In the Ancient world it was said that the goddesses are immortal, but the god forms die. The present tense is immortal, the past and future are continually dying and being reborn. The Sun dies into winter as it travels towards the darkness to be reborn from the Virgin Mary, or the present tense. Old perceptions die into the present tense to be resurrected as new inspirations. Returning home is returning to the present tense.

Religious stories have been translated according to gender by the unenlightened, encouraging each sex to identify with one or the other people in a manipulated version of the story. We created the story of our own imagined past in the same way. A materialistic Christmas becomes an addiction to being loved, or not being loved, and is a natural reflection of our state of being at this moment in time.

Return to the source of the words

In the Hebrew language letter HE is a symbol for universal life and has passed into English as HE.

It represents the breath, air, spirit, soul or that which animates the being. It was not originally genderised. The Hebrew letter SHIN represents a circular or orbital radiation of fire, an individualisation of light from the source to its material appearance. This is expressed in English through the word shining. This letter with its three flames represents a trinity of present, past and future in a state of unity. HE is born out of SHE. She is the present tense, the container womb that receives the light and sends it out clothed in matter, HE is transformed from the abstract to a material appearance in a form that is the result of a unification of light and matter. The goddess and the present tense are immortal.  The god forms are said to die into and are born out of the present continually. The one light became the three lights that went forth as form.

Some of us will return home for Christmas to the family, to the source of most of our stuck perceptions of what we think happened to us in our past - an illusion coming home to the present tense to be redeemed, seeking a new freedom of aliveness.

There is a link between the heavenly family and the earthly family - the link between the two comes through the mind being in the present tense - all of our past is complete and free from upset and resentment.  All conflicting perceptions between the illusion and the truth will tread the path of the Sun back to the source of the upset. Every time we are drawn back to the source of our resentment it is Christmas, Winter Solstice, midnight or every present moment. The more unified the present, past and future is the more we can shine. Approach the present tense with joy.

The highest and the lowest

At the Summer Solstice everything is out in the open, plants have grown to their highest, everything is expressing itself after its kind, to the best of its ability.  The seeds of our intentions have materialised.

At the Winter Solstice everything has returned back to nothing to be reappraised. it is the sound of silence and out of it are born the seeds for the future. There are no obligations to the past and no commitments to the future, out of this state of nothing comes everything. Thinking is the source of

all forms and the highest form of thought is silent and present, there is no external evidence for its existence. The highest forces work through the lowest forms, good conductors of electricity are metals, these minerals store and radiate heat. The most abstract is expressed through the most material, the highest teachers work through the lowest pupils, the salmon returns home to the pool where it was born. The thought returns back to the mind that created it. All the words that we have uttered will return eventually to their creator, bringing back with them the experience of their journey.

Giving a present at Christmas is a symbol of our being in the present; Winter Solstice is a state of freedom, and to be in the now it must be seen only as freedom from our own compulsive habits and not from others. Burn the grudges that you have against others in the rising fire and not the people you have the grudges against, burn the illusion not the truth. All experiences need to be completed and true completion is about expressing the joy of being able to grow and push against one another, learning to be better people. We create our own adversity and life sends to us a reflection of ourselves as a free gift continually, we can be grateful, graceful and joyous for the opportunities that life sends to us. We do not need to get love or pretend to love, we need to create love out of the nothingness of Winters womb.

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Winter Solstice



The Christian Bible stories were originally written in the infinite absolute, not the past tense that is employed at every stage of the orthodox translation. The stories do not know space, time, person, sex or any other limitation. It has been translated  into the third person, singular masculine. Any perversion of cosmic principles can only lead to social chaos.