Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year. The Sun is reborn out of the darkness, the son is reborn out of a manger/sarcophagus.  The shortest day represents Now, and has no commitment to past or the future. It is the centre of winter’s womb which resurrects the son to new life.

The days begin to get shorter after the Summer Solstice, the Sun is cleansed by its descent into darkness, into the water. Bowing is not a gesture of inferiority, it is a statement of purification.  John the Baptist (the Moon) baptises the Sun. At the Winter Solstice there is no pride left, I have cleansed myself of upset, resentment and guilt, I bear no grudges. To bow is to say I have no ill intent, my past is clear and I have no commitment to the future, I am in the present tense, I can make a real choice.

Christmas is about giving presents, but these presents are symbols of my being in the present, I have no grudge against you, we have nothing between us which is incomplete and I have no expectations in the future.

Going home for Christmas

According to the Christian story, Joseph and Mary travelled to Bethlehem to comply with the census, to return to the place of their birth. The Sun/Son Jesus was born at Bethlehem, the home of inner power, born from the eternally rooted home.

The basic principles of the Sun’s journey through the year are that night and day do not really exist, they are dependent upon where the Sun is. The Sun is constant and never changes, night and day are in a state of constant change. In the Ancient world it was said that the god forms die but the goddesses are immortal. The present tense is immortal and past and future are continually dying and being reborn. The present tense or now is continually receiving the past and giving birth to the future. The Sun dies into winter as it travels towards the shortest day to be reborn from the Virgin Mary,

la mer, the virgin sea or present tense.

Old perceptions die into the present tense to be resurrected through the virgin see, the perceptions are renewed and freed from past perceptions to enable the birth of seeing something in a new way.

Religious stories have been translated according to gender by the unenlightened, which encourages each sex to identify with one or the other gender in a journey to nowhere. Night and day, male and female, active and passive are illusions, they are dependent upon where the light is. The present tense is movement, it does not change things, it is change itself. It is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Return to the source of the words

The Hebrew language is descended from Egyptian hieroglyphs. The word Hebrew (Thebes and hu put together) is better translated as the language of light which was sent out for humans to use as a vehicle of expression. THEBES, THEVES, or light born from eve. The Hebrew letter HEH meaning absolute light has passed into English as HE. It represents all lights from the Sun down to the atom, electrons etc. Sun worship must also include electrons and all forms of light radiation.

The Hebrew letter SHIN represents radiations of light and has passed into English as part of the word shining. HE is born out of SHE. She is the vessel container womb which takes in and sends out the light, SHE gives birth to HE, the present tense gives birth to the lights. The present tense is constant change, or eternal light, the goddesses. The radiations of light which shine out, the children of the Sun, the god forms, die into the soil. The story had to be translated into the past tense and made masculine to make it into history much like the story of our own imagined past.

I know this is over simplified, but I have included the above section for those who may be interested to take it further, and also to provide an example of how religion can be linked to science, which if taken further will prove that the Ancients knew as much if not more than we do about physics. Indeed religion needs to be freed from superstition, and science needs to be freed from the claims of materialism.

We return home for Christmas to the family, which is a source for most of our stuck perceptions of what we think happened to us - an illusion coming home to the present tense to be redeemed that it may rise again with a new freedom of aliveness.

There is a link between the heavenly family and our earthly family - the link between the two comes through being in the present tense - all of your past is complete and free from upset, resentment and guilt, so you do not have to have the same conflicts again.

All conflicting perceptions also follow the path of the Sun back to the source of the upset so they can be represented and reborn as new life. Every time you are attracted back to the source of your resentment, it is Christmas or Winter Solstice. Only light which is free from the past can shine.

The highest and the lowest

At the Summer Solstice everything is out in the open, plants have grown to their highest, everything is expressing itself after its kind, to the best of its ability. The thoughts have materialised.

At the Winter Solstice everything is hidden, silent and not yet expressed. The thoughts are unseen and have yet to express themselves. Thoughts are the source of all forms and the highest form of thought is silent for which there is no evidence according to the rules of academic science. The highest works through the lowest, a good conductor of electricity is metal (copper, silver and gold etc). Minerals store heat. The most abstract is expressed through the most material. The highest teachers work through the lowest pupils. All new manifestations begin with a thought; winter is returning to the home of the thought like the salmon returning to its birthing pool, the thought returns back to the mind which created it. All the words which you have spoken will return eventually to their creator, bringing back with them the experience of their journey.

A present at Christmas is a symbol of your being in the present; having completed your past you have  no obligations to the past or the future. Winter Solstice is a state of freedom, and to be in the now it must be seen firstly as freedom from your own compulsive habits and not from others.

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In the Ancient world it was said that the god forms die but the goddesses are immortal.

The Hebrew letter SHIN represents a cycle of light and has passed into English as the word shining. SHE gives birth to HE.

Winter Solstice is a state of freedom, and to be in the now it must be seen as freedom from our own compulsive habits and not from others.

Winter Solstice