Life appears as a seed planted in the darkness and begins a journey from root to stem, bud, flower, and fruit returning back to where it started with a seed for the new generation. It moves from the unity of the seed to the diversity of its expression. People are subject to the same principles of life, the individual grows up from a seed planted in the darkness to it’s expansion outwards into the world. There are two major forces in life called expansion and contraction, life and death, light and darkness and so on.

We would say that you must live whatever you believe and interpret it in accordance with your own experience and conscience, being your own authority and bowing to no name or institution. Yet at the same time you must be capable of blending harmoniously into a group.

You are at this moment in time an individual standing in your own body. Your body is made up of groups, electrons, atoms, cells, organs, and so on. You will need to live in harmony with these groups. This relationship between you and your body sets the trend of your relationships to all other groups, family, national, racial, global and  universal.

Imagine that you are the government in your own body, and the cells and organs are the people of your country. As a leader in your body do you live in harmony with them or have you created disease in your country?  Do you provide what your body needs and honour the support that enables you to live and move in this world. This basic relationship between who you are and what you have created becomes how you relate to the world. As you happen to life, you are a growing seed of consciousness meeting the need to work together with whatever life sends you.

Expansion is not separate to contraction, life and death, breathing in and out, the intentions and results in your life are all two ends of the same stick. They are like the right and left hand of the body joined at the head. The intention drives you out to perform on the world stage and your response to these experiences on the way to the result are destined to become stored as memories, in the granaries of your mind. At harvest time we need to choose the memories that support us to move forwards, the memories based on the truth.  The memories based on perceptions that are not true need to be left behind or set free.

Memories that are not true conflict with memories that are true. Inaccurate memories will continually reappear as blockages to our path as they want to be free from the slavery of our minds. Freedom from your thoughts and feelings enables commitment to a group in the same as breathing in and out does.

Where there is conflict between nations or people there is also a conflict between untruths that have come to the surface to be recognised. We are quick to see the errors of other people and very slow at seeing our own. Blaming others for their faults is a way of not accepting those same faults in us. The act of winning becomes more important than seeing the reality.  In areas of extreme conflict there is an untruth seeking freedom from the restriction of our minds. The larger the Conflict the greater the possibility of a big change. These conflicts begin with the relationship our mind has with our body, the head can go for winning and ignore the body but eventually the truth manifests itself as the symptoms of disease.  Organs and cells can rebel against the head in the same way that people can rebel against their government. The symptoms point  the way to the truth and the cure.

The seeds we see here before us, hidden inside the fruit are directly related to the memories in our minds. How we farm our thoughts makes a difference to how we relate to groups of memories and other group activities.

It is important that you base your memories on your own experiences. If we relegate responsibility for health, education, justice and enjoyment to others, then we are acting like children expecting things to be done for us. We will also externalise our own faults by blaming some or all of our expectations onto external authorities.

These memories need to be catalogued with the least amount of conditions attached to them. Then we need to create and build into these memories the most amount of association areas or links to other groups or other contexts that appear to be different to those we can already see. For instance if you remember something it will include the smell, the sound, the vision and the touch of that experience. You will attach tags like pain, comfort, safe, dangerous, red, blue, music, warm cold, sweet, pungent and so on. These memories will  seek out friends or enemies based on those tags.  At the same time you need to create association areas as an aid to understanding the world that other life forms live in.This increases the depth and width of your experience and hence also your consciousness. Your individuality is nothing and your diversity is everything, your intentions come out of nothing and your results reflect the diversity of your relationships.

One thought with many different links to other contexts or worlds can reverberate in your mind and link the Universe and your mind together into one unit. That is how thinking could be. Imagine that you could link up the seeds in the soil with the thoughts in your head and with the stars in the sky. What would happen if the seeds in the soil were linked to the seed planted within you?  The fruit on the tree is linked to the fruit of who you are, this fruit will become your vision and understanding of the world. We need to find common ground with everything to enable a mind that can work by itself without effort yet not be subject to external circumstances or leadership.

Memories with lots of conditions attached to them will find it difficult to find common ground with other memories. Memories with less conditions attached to them will have more common ground. You could have a mind that is a surprising joy to use, yet be of benefit to the whole space that you live in.

We get the government we deserve as a reflection of how we govern ourselves, it is not their fault but it is their responsibility. We created them in our own image, it is not our fault, but it is our responsibility to lead by example. We need to act as leaders in order to form groups. The results in our lives need to serve the intention not the other way around.

Remember that contained within the seed is the freedom of Choice and the fruit contains the enjoyment of diversity. Enjoy yourself.

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