If we dropped a stone into a pool, it would  create waves moving towards to the edge, the circumference would then respond by returning the waves back to the centre. Autumn is a view of ourselves reflected back to us as the result of our desires.

We generally avoid taking responsibility for that which we have created, quickly developing

excuses and justifications in a bid to reject the wholeness of the results we have attracted

towards us.  We are often not satisfied with the harvest of our desires, and things may not match what we thought our chosen destination would be.  We select the parts we find agreeable and reject those that are not.  We all know the excuses for being late for something, or not doing what we said we would do etc, so let us concentrate on the excuses, that we hope will go unnoticed.


A belief in the existence of accidents pre- supposes that we have little control over life, and they can happen at any time.  Once upon a time according to Christianity A man called Jesus came to take away the sins of men, and if we repented, we would be accepted into heaven. We called this  a religion. Nowadays we hire insurance companies to take away the responsibilities for our accidents, they then invest this money in the stock market, a kind of modern heaven where the promised return can be fulfilled.  We can purchase protection from parental organizations, the banking system or the religious system of our choice. A world which we cannot control would be a scary world with lots of Fear, worry and stress, We could easily become a victim of our own circumstances.

Victims and Bullies

There are many ways of becoming a victim as a strategy to avoid taking responsibility for what happens to us. To accept the meaning of our harvest our consciousness would have be

attentive to the space we inhabit now,  To avoid seeing what we could be doing to make a

difference in our lives, we can focus as far away as possible, on a larger less specific picture. We could live in the past or the future and avoid the possibility for direct action. We can  become a victim of invisible forces, secret organizations, or be persecuted by events that apparently come from further away.  Protecting ourselves from an attack from the unknown prevents us from focusing on our own task at hand. The people who think about things as far away from their experience as they can get, learn very slowly. They can hide from the unknown or blame something which they think is watching or victimizing them.  We can choose to be unaware, becoming a victim of our own inner compulsion to remember  that which supports our fixed position in life.

Inside every victim there is a bully, and inside every bully there is a victim. Be aware of people who need to have friends because they will also need to have enemies. People who strive to be seen as special and bestow specialness upon others will also create those who are not as important. Praise will come packaged with ridicule. Most of these excuses develop into compulsive disorders of one kind or another to avoid the real need which remains hidden.

Poor memory

Autumn is a time for the seeds to be stored in the granaries, this is related to how memories are stored in the mind. The perfect mind would store memories without any bias, judgments, or rules, the less bias there is allows the neural pathways to these memories easy to find. Each memory will link up with each of the other memories to become part of a vast unrestricted support and communication system called thinking. The distribution of Food, health and wealth  in our society,  is intimately linked with the way in which we think and store our memories. The stars shining in the sky are related to the memories in our mind.

If we choose to use quotes from VIP sources, but only use the half which supports our argument and omit the other half of the quote because it does not support out argument, we are already half way to losing our memory. The Media are very good at this, because we taught them how to do it. Eventually our memory will become flawed by living through half truths and not wholeness.

Memory loss is a consequence of the mind storing memories with too much bias attached to them, we eventually create our memories or granaries to excuse us for not seeing the reality of the tasks in life which have been sent to us. We will try to control  the fear, anger and guilt of our avoidance. As we get older it becomes harder for the mind to find the memories because they have been stored with too many conflicting references, so the mind  just gives up seeking. If we were in a maze trying to find the centre we too would probably give up if there were too many false pathways


Being biased  to our own imagined desires, is a slow pathway to becoming  nobody. As an

alternative try patient observation, listen and look to what life sends us without fear and the need to control the results. There can be no guilt in the face of detached observation  of our behavior. It is not our fault, but it is our responsibility. It is our behavior that is at fault. We exist in the present moment, our behavior is a possession. Observe excuses and justifications, Learn to be attentive to the present moment, ignoring the compulsion to act inappropriately by our thoughts and feelings. These are just possessions as well, we made them up as a means to control what happens to us.

If we patiently oversee our harvest there will be no need to blame anyone, no need for friends and enemies, no need for special people and less important  people, no need for victims and bullies. We could just be friendly, or learn to disagree without being disagreeable. For us and life to survive all things including our memories need to be put into a sharable format.

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