These two sceptres or spinal columns of Heaven and Earth need to be joined together in unity.

The crucifixion cross is the four material elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. All life is dependant upon giving something up  to get something new. The Sperm dies into the egg to be resurrected as new life, and all life follows this pattern.

In a real anointment or crucifixion the candidate gives up their personality for the good of all. The King or Queen becomes a representative of the Pole star on Earth and they act as a guide to their people, they have given up all personal desires and they offer up their mind to become a channel for the spirit of the nation. As a new Sun they have united the Pineal gland, with the Moon in the sky and the Polestar in the Heavens. They have dedicated their mind to the uplifting of humanity as a whole.

Unfortunately we are mostly cut off from the joy of our inheritance and we have forgotten the link with the infinite.

We have built a wall between the seen world and the unseen world. We do not know what real thin-king is. We may think we do but there is  little difference between the intelligence of a robot and ourselves, as we are mostly hypnotised by our own thoughts and feelings.

The actions of being a King or Queen is open to all life forms and people. It involves giving up who we think we are and devoting ourselves to the good of the whole. Then we will become a ruler over ourselves and a King or Queen in our own land(body).

Towards the end of the Coronation there will be the Christian version of holy communion which is a celebration of Unity, but it must be remembered that unity between people can only happen through the mind that has given itself up to become a vehicle for unity between Heaven and Earth.

Long live the Thin-King.

A very long time ago certain civilisations who were and still are related, divided the sky up into 12 zodiacal signs, each with 30 degrees. These were then divided into 3 sections of 10 degrees each. This created 36 star constellations.

According to the story, Jesus the Sun of God in his journey through the zodiacal belt, is accompanied by the twelve zodiacal signs plus 36 decanates, plus our own solar system. This equals 49 constellations. It is this group of 49 constellations that accompanied Jesus to the alleged feeding of the 5000. He provided 5 loaves and two fishes (The seven planets) from twelve baskets, (The12 zodiacal signs). This is the mystic repast or holy communion for Christians.

Jesus is not king of the starry realms until he has been crucified or anointed, followed by his resurrection.

The agricultural cycle of the Sun through the zodiacal belt is a reflection of the Heavenly cycle. It is Heaven on Earth. The astrological and the agricultural cycles work together. This is the purpose linked to the ways and means of production or the intention linked to the results.

Watching the Crowning of King Charles the third we will have the opportunity to see a ritual enactment of the Jesus story. The candidate for crowning is the chosen king.

What is here must also be elsewhere.

All life forms are candidates for crowning in their world. All people whether they are aware of it or not are candidates for the reunification of Heaven and Earth or restoring the link between the intention and the result, the head and the body. We are all candidates endeavouring to remember how to link the purpose to the means of production and the results in our life.

The story of Jesus is a story about the restoration of the link between Heaven and Earth or the finite to the infinite. This is the central theme to any Coronation.

There are four main Coronation symbols.

A crown, two sceptres and an orb all surmounted by a cross. The Earth sceptre represents the spinal column in our body, the orb at the top of the sceptre represents the Pineal Gland. This is also the Moon in our head that functions as a link between the finite and the infinite, it is between the Earth and the stars.

The heavenly sceptre or spine of the Earth wobbles as it spins drawing a circle in the sky. This circle of stars is the crown of the  pole star constellation. Diamonds are symbolic stars. The white dove on top of the spiritual sceptre is similar to the three drops that descend out of the Cauldron of Ceridwen, that is the anointment of Gwion Bach in the welsh story of Taliesin. In the Hebrew alphabet the letter Shin anoints the four elements. It is a symbol of the future, present and past in unity.

A Coronation


On the left is the spiritual or spine of the Earth pointing to  Heaven. On the right is the spine of our Earth body pointing to Heaven. The head and body is joined to the head or Pole star and the realm of the starry skies.

Psychologically it is the task at hand which with its completion is reunited to the circle of continuity, unity and equality.

The cross on the top along with the crucifiction  or anointment means you have given up your personality for the good of the group. You are reborn.

The Crown represents the Pole star and the constellatons around it. When crowned and holding the orb with a cross in their hand they have become the representative of the spirit of the nation on Earth